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Melissa Phelps

you gonna wake up that thing in your hand?

hey everyone. this is melissa ( atreyu_2007 ) and this is nicole and my community. hope ya like it. here is my application so everyone can know something about me... cole will fill one out to.. its not far to make ya'll do one with out us having to do one too!



Name: Melissa Phelps
Location: Georgia!
Age: 15
Sex:  female!

Music/ bands: styx, the beatles, atreyu, the rocket summer, the early november, bob marley, fall out boy.. etc...
Movies: Cry baby, Bad Seed, sleeping beauty
Color:  black , red! :]
Food/ Drink: chicken spaghetti 
Thing in the whole world is: rainy days
Why? they always relax me. and with my history great things happen on rainy days! *wink*wink*
Do you have a favorite poem? yes
If so what is it? "the greatest disappointment" by... me!

Most embarrassing moment: when me and cole were baby sitting she tricked me into eating a doggie treat.. she told me it was an animal cracker. i didnt look at it ans just put it in my mouth.. yeah .. jokes on me.. tee hee hee
What’s your opinion on duct (duck) tape? i LOVE duct tape... lol... i always say if you cant duc it fuck it
whats good for breakfast? left over pizza from two days ago.. hey what can i say.. i had it this morning.

at least one of yourself!
And no more then 5 other pictures of anything you want..

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